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Graeme ‘Kiwi’ Macleod

As many of you know, we sadly said ‘goodbye’ to Kiwi last season, who has returned to his native New Zealand after many long years of distinguished service to the Club – as Captain, Coach and as Vice President. He says a big hello to all his old mates and would be delighted to hear all the news – be it in person, telephonically or postcard! He can be reached at:

53 Bridge Street
PO Box 7
Onga Onga
Central Hawkes Bay
New Zealand

Tel: (0064) 06856 6745

Rugby Football Union


Dear Colleague

This document has been produced by the Rugby Football Referees’ Union (RFRU) in response to serious concern expressed by Referees’ Societies across the country about the growing incidence of Abuse of Match Officials. It describes the part to be played by clubs in helping to deal with the problem. The term “clubs” includes colleges and universities.

Clubs have a responsibility for the behaviour of their members, players, coaches and regular supporters towards Match Officials, and are expected to take all reasonable steps to protect Officials from any form of Abuse. Abuse of Match Officials is defined as

Individual perception of personal degradation be it mental or physical, before, during and after the game including (but not limited to) :-

verbal or physical assault
intimidatory conduct
racial or sexual harassment

The IRB Code of Conduct Regulation states that a person:

  • shall not abuse, threaten or intimidate a referee, touch judge, or other Match Official, whether on or off the field of play (20.1.10) and shall not use crude or
  • abusive language or gesture towards referees, touch judges or other Match Officials or spectators (20.1.11).

All members and regular supporters of clubs should be made aware of the provisions of this Code, and might need to be reminded that abusive behaviour is also harmful to the reputation of the club. Where a club fields junior teams, parents who attend their matches should support the club by observing this Code.

Clubs are expected to sign up to the Code as an indication of willingness to abide by its terms. In so doing, clubs will commit themselves to take all reasonable steps to ensure that Match Officials are protected from Abuse. Societies have the option to consider not appointing referees to clubs who do not acknowledge the Code.

The following guidance is provided to enable clubs to publicise and observe the Code:

  • This notice should be displayed on club premises and should appear in match programmes.
  • All spectators should be prevented from being in close proximity to the touch lines by means of permanent or temporary barriers, wherever possible..
  • Replacements, coaches, medics and water carriers must comply with game regulations as to the areas they are restricted to during the match, namely either marked technical areas or those areas designated by the Match Official as being technical areas.
  • Match Officials should not be approached for uninvited discussion concerning the match until at least 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Ken Bracewell
RFU Referee Manager

Help us support AIDS orphans in South Africa

Now and again we get a call to arms from one of our fellow Members to help out on a good cause – and with that in mind the Club is asking for your support.

ASAP – African Solutions to African Problems, has through Libby Aarvold, a long time Member and supporter of the Club, asked us if we can help. This Mission is very involved in helping Aids orphans in South Africa. There are thousands of these unfortunate children and the number increases daily. They would very much like to start teaching the boys rugby – but of course have no gear. We need all Members with spare kit, perhaps lying in the back of a cupboard, to come forward and donate it to this top effort. Perhaps Youth parents who may have recently purchased the new Club strip and have some old jerseys that are no longer required – boots too!

There will be a collection point set-up at the Club house on Sundays (from this week) – at the Club shop. Karen Thomas, who tirelessly runs the shop will be on hand with her colleagues to receive all and any spare kit.

Libby can also be contacted on 01306 884924.

Dorking RFC supports the Learning and Skills Council Youth initiative

The Club is pleased to lend it’s name to the Learning and Skills Council Youth initiative.

The Council is working hard on an awareness campaign to encourage young people whose household income is less than £30,000 to stay in school after their GCSE’s by offering them a study allowance.

The Council is now focusing its effort on Surrey and Dorking in particular.

Harlequins Cash Back

As many members are aware, we have been participants in Harlequins RFC ‘cash back’ scheme whereby they rebate a percentage of the ticket price to the Club when purchased through DRFC. This has been particularly successful with the Junior section.

John Arnold is our liaison person for tickets – so if you are planning to go to The Stoop this season – or indeed any of your friends or family are, call him first on 0208 393 9154 and help benefit the Club.